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This notice aims to contribute to enhancing the economic valorization of R&D (Research and Development) results produced by the R&I (Research and Innovation) system, as well as reinforcing the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector in the less developed regions of Portugal Continental NUTS II (North, Center and Alentejo).

Based on the Priority Domains of the National R&I Strategy for Intelligent Specialization – ENEI 2030, this notice covers actions that allow:

– Strengthen the economic orientation of the network of intermediate R&I institutions, promoting the creation and development of new channels and formats for the valorization, transfer and dissemination of knowledge to the economic fabric, namely through the promotion of testing phases and pre-commercial validation of research projects with potential for economic valorization, the creation, reinforcement and training of platforms and means of dissemination, demonstration and transfer of knowledge to the business community and the promotion of innovative ideas developed by researchers within the scope of the R&I system;

– Quantitatively and qualitatively increase information directed to the business sector regarding the relevance and impact of knowledge-based innovation and collaboration between companies, particularly between SMEs, and the network of non-business entities in the R&I system, namely through dissemination actions and demonstration;

Entities that can apply

1. Higher education institutions, their institutes and R&D units;

2. State Laboratories, Associated or International Laboratories with headquarters or permanent representation in mainland Portugal;

3. Private non-profit institutions whose main purpose is R&D activities, including Collaborative Laboratories (CoLab) and Technology and Innovation Centers (CTI);

4. Other public or private, non-profit institutions that develop or participate in scientific research activities.

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