Interconnected Innovation Ecosystems


Expected Outcome:

Projects results are expected to contribute to four (4) or more of the following expected outcomes:

  • Improved integration of research institutions, Higher Education Institutions, vocational schools, and similar organizations into Europe’s innovation ecosystems by establishing better links with start-ups and start-up networks, accelerators and incubators, business angels and investor communities;
  • Improved flows of knowledge, skills, and talents between educational institutions and other innovation ecosystem actors at various levels of development, including in the deep tech field in line with the New European Innovation Agenda[2];
  • Improved skills of all involved ecosystem actors to increase innovation potential, inter-sectoral mobility, and market uptake of new technologies; Targeted are skills necessary and responsive to innovation and labor market needs on digital, green, and entrepreneurial skills, networking skills, risk-taking, and in particular in the deep tech field;
  • Improved connections of educational institutions to high-quality remote testing, validation, and up-scaling of innovations delivered by research and technology infrastructures across the EU;
  • Improved competence of students, graduates, researchers, and workforce to launch, run, and lead successful and profitable start-ups, including in the deep tech field;
  • Enhanced availability of local talents equipped with skills to support business acceleration and digitalization;
  • Enhanced entrepreneurial activity in developing innovation ecosystems and their upscaling and interconnectedness across the EU supported by citizens and local initiatives in order to build innovative solutions to current and future challenges;
  • Increased engagement and connectedness with other ecosystem actors (e.g. other educational institutions, Technology Transfer Offices, Research and Technology Organizations, local and regional enterprises, private companies, start-ups, early-stage companies, accelerators, incubators, etc.) within and between regions;
  • Increased youth (self) employability and gender balance in collaborations.
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