Funding for Research Projects, Scholarships, and Research Visits: Sources and tips

Online (ZOOM)

25/01/2024 9:00 am

STEP Workshop

The STEP seminar will present a first introduction to the topic of research funding and fundraising, to apply for research grants, when, with whom, and how to proceed, with a particular focus on the European Framework Programme Horizon Europe.

Outcomes: Better knowledge for the development of project proposals and fund raising; internationl networking; internationalisation of IPB; new opportunities to enhance innovation through research projects.

Speaker: Cinzia Leone
Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). She received her PhD in sociology from UNED University, Spain. Her main research topics are inclusion, diversity, gender, equality, and disability. She is a coordinator of research projects and editor and author of publications and books in the domain.


NOTE: Please, note the time of the event is 10h CET (9h for Portugal).

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