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07/12/2023 3:00 pm

Literature review through the integration of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques

The literature review is an essential stage in any research project, guiding the entire journey from the definition of the research topic to the conclusions of the study. An initial review is vital to get an overview of the topic, identify gaps and develop the theoretical framework. However, it is often only after collecting data from the literature that researchers can truly assess the usefulness of their work. In this context, we propose a conceptual model that provides researchers with the tools to make informed decisions, covering both the exploratory phases and the in-depth analysis of the corpus of data. This new approach involves a recursive conceptual model built on two distinct data analysis techniques: 1) bibliometric analysis (quantitative) and 2) content analysis (qualitative). These techniques were explored using digital tools – specifically, ‘R Bibliometrix’ and ‘webQDA,’ respectively. In this presentation, the conceptual model will be presented and discussed, with greater emphasis on the exploratory phase, which comprises two iterations of analysis. The integration of these two techniques produces a series of results, allowing the researcher to determine their research path in a consistent manner. Furthermore, this integration facilitates the internal validation of the selected data corpus.


António Pedro Costa is one of the researchers behind the qualitative analysis support software webQDA (, an area in which he has co-authored several articles in national and international congresses and journals, as well as book chapters. He teaches courses on research methodologies. He is the Coordinator of the Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research (, the World Conference on Qualitative Research ( and Qualitative4Business ( He has organized several special editions and books on Qualitative Research. He is the main editor of the journal New Trends in Qualitative Research (NTQR). He is a researcher at the Center for Research in Didactics and Technology in the Training of Trainers (CIDTFF), Department of Education and Psychology, University of Aveiro and a collaborator at the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (LIACC), Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto. His areas of interest include Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods, with an emphasis on the study of methods, data collection and analysis techniques for implementation in the webQDA software. In 2023, he was awarded an honorable mention in the area of Arts and Humanities in the “UA Researcher Award” category. In addition, he has carried out studies in this field on data representation and visualization, literature review, ethics, decision-making, customer/user satisfaction, among others. He has coordinated several projects with public and private funding worth over 3 million euros.

CIENCIA ID: 7919-E3E4-7FC8
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Web of Science ResearcherID: M-4494-2016
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