Research Management for ESR

Online (Zoom)

18/06/2024 10:00 am

STEP Workshop

Academia is a very rich encouraging space but it can be dauting and disorienting sometimes when someone starts their PhD. A lot of time is spend reflecting, reading and analysing the object of one´s study as well as writing and rewriting fragments of their academic body. In addition to that, the majority of the time all this working time is very demanding and it is spent in solitary. This workshop aims to give ESRs practical on two specific areas such as research management and self-care, as they are equally important to reach the end of the PhD sucessfully. Some of the key aspects are going to be discussed in this activity include the PhD studiies as a process and how to adapt, productivity tips, time management and perfectionsim or the importance of mental health in academia.

Speaker: Clara Sánchez-Rebato Valiente. Doctorate in Audiovisual Communications, Advertisemnt and Public Relations. She is currently working in an international research called Branded Content Governance that involves the University of Arts London and the University of Stirling that aims to study how branded content is regulated across the globe using not only political or legal sources but experiences from experts from the field and related fields. Due to her own experience with the PhD studies, she is also intersted in talking with other PhD students about their experiences and give tips for being able to have a sucessful and enjoyable academic experience during this period of time.

Time: 10h00 (Portuguese time)

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