Bragança- Portugal

30/01/2024 12:00 am

International Conference on Co-Creation Processes in Higher Education (In2CoP)

Co-creating Innovation have long been integral to the mission of Bragança Polytechnic University | Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, underpinning our commitment to fostering future-oriented higher education that addresses the complex challenges of the world of work. Within STARS EU, our Strategic Alliance for Regional Transition funded in the European Universities Initiative, we’ve adopted a pedagogical approach that places significant emphasis on fostering inherent collaboration with external stakeholders from all regions of our nine european partners. This commitment is driven by our understanding that the vitality of higher education institutions, professors, researchers, and students is profoundly intertwined with the benefits derived from these co-creation activities. Furthermore, our vision extends globally, as we proactively aim to facilitate the growth of a knowledge-driven regional economies through robust international cooperation.




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