IMFAHE Quarter Course


26/10/2023 1:30 pm

Course Professional Development (Second Masterclass)

Course Description: The International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education (IMFAHE) works together with its partnered universities to provide students with an online education of excellence. Nowadays, students and young professionals face a rapidly developing and demanding global job market. To become a strong job applicant/candidate there are many professional development skills that must be mastered. This course uses masterclass together with practical exercises to help students succeed in the career goals that they want to pursue.

Grading Policy and Requirements: This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. In order to receive a grade of “pass”, students must fulfill the 3 following requirements: i) Attend the Live Masterclasses (October 19th, October 26th and November 2nd); ii) Watch the Recorded Masterclasses; iii) Complete the Practical Exercises;

Important Note: This course is open to everyone, but only students and professors from the universities and organizations that collaborate with IMFAHE in the academic year of 2023-24 are eligible to request a diploma.

Read the syllabus HERE.

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