Building International Partnerships for a Project Success

Online (Zoom)

02/07/2024 10:00 am

STEP Workshop

Date: 02 July, 10h00 (Portugal)

The session focuses on how to build international partnerships for Horizon Europe projects. It plunges in the practical aspects and general requirements for a consortium and partner organizations, elements that may define the project’s potential to become funded and successful. The session provides insights for a strategic approach to partnership, explores the key elements to consider and gives ideas about where to find suitable and eligible partners for a consortium. For newcomers in European projects, it briefly explains the consortium structure, workflows and partner organization roles. It also introduces the participants to diverse leadership and communication styles that can be useful along the project process and when facing challenging times. Based on the trainer’s personal experience, the course offers practical tips and hints for building and maintaining operative partnerships.

Speaker: Liisa Hänninen
Is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Communication Theories and Analysis, Complutense University of Madrid, specialized in sustainability, human rights, communication, migration, and recently, twin transition. With more than 25 years of experience in international and national R&I initiatives, several of them funded by the EU, she is currently participating in the European projects EDIRE and Fitter. Engaged in academic innovation and support action to international aid agencies, among them UNHCR, Food Bank, Flying Doctors and Greenpeace, she has launched an educational innovation initiative that applies RRI methodology to societal challenges. With a background in the corporate world, she has previously worked in communication management and business development at Best Western International hotel chain, among others.

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